How To Set a Payroll Period

How To Set Payroll Period

If you are the head of Human Resource Department or the manager in charge of a department, you may want to make adjustments on the payroll. This manual explains how to set the payroll period.

Step1. While logged on, navigate to the dashboard and select “Settings”

Step2. Select the “Company Profile” option under “Settings” option

Step3. Go to the “Payroll Period” on the right hand side of your screen, and tap on the “Payroll period schedule”. Here you have the option to set the payroll to “Monthly” or to “Twice a Month”. 


Option A. If you want to set to Monthly, ensure the “Payroll period schedule” is marked “Monthly”   

Set the end date for the First pay period by entering the desired date under the box labeled “First Pay Period Ends”, as illustrated above.

Option B. if you want to set the Payroll Period Schedule to “Twice a Month”, ensure the “Payroll period schedule” is marked “Twice a Month

Enter the “First Pay Period end Date” and “Second Pay Period ends” Date.


Step5. Tap on the “Update” option at the bottom of the open screen to save the changes. 


Step6. You should be able to see the recent changes under the reports section