Guide to Time Off Management

This guide will show how to use the Time Off Management module on Timeclock365. 

If you’d like to add it to your account, go to “Billing” -> “Subscriptions” -> Choose “Yearly” -> Increase to 1 the “Time off balance management modules” (this is for the entire company regardless of the amount of users)

Step 1: Enable

To track the time-off balance:

Go to “Settings” -> “Company profile” -> “Absence types”  -> Check the boxes “Advanced settings in contract” and “Advanced settings in user card” on the types of absences you need ->”Update”.

If you’d like to set an upper limit on the amount of days per month/year fill in the “Annual /Monthly limit of days”.

Step 2: Configure

2.1 Configure accrual schedule per contract:

Go to “Settings” -> “Contracts” -> Choose a contract -> Scroll down to  “Time off settings” -> Fill in the accrual schedule

2.2 Configure accrual schedule per employee:

Go to “Users” -> select a user -> Scroll down to “Time Off Balances” -> if needed, change the accrual schedule per that employee. For example, if you want the employee to accrue 1 day per month, write “1” and select “month”

To top-up the balance, click “settings” -> “Add new update” -> insert the date of the change and the number of days.

Step 3: Download the Report

Go to “Reports” -> “Time off balance report -> Select the employee(s), period, type of absence -> “Download”.

You can also view the accrual and usage history by employee by specifying the period you want to see. Uncheck the “Specify period” box and select a range of dates you want to see.

Step 4: Time Off Calendar

This screen let’s you view the time off requests across the company, group(s) and more, in order to manage the employees more effectively.