How to Punch In and Out in the Timeclock 365 Web Portal

How to Punch In and Out in the Timeclock 365 Web Portal

At the start of your working day, when you are ready to start working, you can “Punch In”. Punching in shows that you are actively working on a project. It starts to measure the time you spend on each task until you punch out. This guide shows how to punch in and punch out.

1.  First, Go to the Dashboard

You will be presented with a screen which has the current date and time, a timer, a ‘Punch in’ button and an option to select where you are working from. Under “My Tasks,” you will also see a list of the tasks available to work on, as shown below.

2.   Select the working place (either home, office or field) and click the “Punch in” button.

Your working place will be highlighted in Orange, and the “Punch in” button will change to a green “Punch out” button, as shown below.

3.  Pick a task to work on 

Every task has a separate timer, you must click on its “Start” button to begin time-tracking it.

When finished with the task, click on the timer once more, and it will stop. You can now move to the next task or punch out.

4.  Pausing work or Punching out

When you wish to pause work or punch out, click the green “Punch out” button. You will get a prompt to confirm if you are sure you want to punch out.

If you click on “Yes,” your tracked time will be saved and ready for review.