Maternity reduced hours

Full-time female employee returning from maternity leave  can work for 1 hour less without a pay reduction, per day for up to 4 months from the end date of her maternity leave and up to 1 year from the date of birth.


Hourly Employees: (employees assigned to “hourly” contract only)

For example, the contract has 8.6 standard hours – 1 hour reduced time will be 7.6 hours every day and 6.6 on Tuesdays


 If the employee worked less than 8.6 the system will add hours till it will reach 8.6 hours or 7.6 on Tuesdays, but the maximum is 1 hour.

For example, if ee worked 5 hours, the system will add only 1 hour and it will be 6 hours in total, the hours will be added in a separate column: