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How to Allow Time logging for Night shift Workers

If an employee punched in today and still working after midnight, the system will change the punch out button to "punch in" in order to allow user to punch in in the morning . How to..

How to create new task

A manager can create tasks for employees. These tasks can be assigned to one or more employees, depending on the project. Better still, a task can be assigned to a group of employees. This is very useful because a new employee joining the group will automatically be assigned the tasks already being undertaken by that group.

How to Punch In and Out in the Timeclock 365 Web Portal

At the start of your working day, when you are ready to start working, you can “Punch In”. Punching in shows that you are actively working on a project. It starts to measure the time you spend on each task until you punch out. This guide shows how to punch in and punch out.

How to Request Time Off

An employee may request time off for one reason or another. A manager can see the time, date and reason for each time-off request. By default, a manager can see all the employees’ activities. However, an employee can only see his dashboard – and no other dashboards. Here is the fastest way to request time-off.

How To Set a Payroll Period

If you are the head of Human Resource Department or the manager in charge of a department, you may want to make adjustments on the payroll. This manual explains how to set the payroll period.

How to Create Groups on Timeclock 365

If you are the head of a department or a supervisor, you may want to assign a common task to the employees in your department. For instance, the head of sales and marketing may want to assign the sales team the routes to cover, and find out the amount of time each employee of the sales team allocates the particular tasks.